Thursday, July 31, 2014

Road Accidents: Disappointing and Disgusting

I am now fed up reading daily about road accidents! Invariably, lot of news space in the newspaper is eaten up by the accident news. And, it is disgusting to read the nature of accidents. The life of people in India has become literally so inexpensive that no one other than sufferer's family care for it. Though, knowing not that anyone can be that sufferer one day-You, Me or Anyone!

As a law enforcer, I am bewildered at the insensitivity of the law keepers. For them it is one more case of accident, nowhere close to murder, hence of little investigative value. So, the inputs are minimal and disposed off casually without any interest paid to causes of accidents. Statistically, to some, every accidental death adds value to their research. However, those research papers remain insignificant, shelved for intellectual discussions, which seldom happen.

On highways, you can find some small temple or stone made to believe as deity, which is erected at vulnerable spots to check accidents. They call them accident prone zones, which is in habit of seeking human life as sacrifice, hence needs divine intervention for protection. The opportunist pious administrators or agencies, entrusted with road safety, stay happy for these proxy local caretakers. Hardly we see much done to ensure safe driving.

Getting driving license is contractual shopping. Anyone determined to earn license by following procedures hold a chance of remaining license-less for long.  To ensure quick honeymoon with the license the best way is to book through agents, who would take care of everything. Only issue you have to care about is money. So, virtually you don't earn but buy driving license. And, because you are buyer so you have choice of learning rules of driving or just stepping on the accelerator with impunity, and to society's dismay the latter is preferred.

One of my friend living in rural area mocked and laughed at me when I mentioned about driving license. He averred that he hardly knew any acquaintance holding license, though most of them drew. As per his version, it was free for all in rural areas. It did sound to me as an exaggeration, but honestly, still carried some merits exposing our callousness towards road safety.

The purchasing capacity of Indian has grown phenomenally in recent past, and to quench their increasing thirst, vehicle production units are throwing vehicles on road at unimaginable pace, and what has lagged behind by miles is the law abidance and law enforcement, causing irreparable damage to human life.

High time we think about it!