Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Human Trafficking: An ongoing challenge

The problem of Human Trafficking is omnipresent, across the globe. Native Indians in USA, African girls in war torn countries, East European girls trafficked to Western part, Philippine, Thai and south east Asian girls to Australia, Mexican and other South American girls in USA and Canada, African girls to UK.. the story goes on and on and on.... There is no end to these guresome stories.

How do we combat that? Where do we strike- 'Supply' or 'demand' side? whom do we focus on 'victims' or 'offenders'? Debate is on.. 

Human Trafficking is Humans exploiting Humans. So, solution lies in spreading awareness about amongst Humans, all, irrespective of age, creed, colour, race, religion and nationality. 

To start with, Youth is the best target for spreading awareness. They are the potential victims, prospective exploiters, traffickers and the best ears and eyes of the society. Their involvement can expedite the process of fight against trafficking manifold. 

To be more effective it is necessary to take up this as a mission at policy level and by civil society organizations, together.