Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Monsoon Romance is in Air!

Romance is a reflection of peace of mind, happiness, love, affection, fun and, anticipation and vow for bright coming days.

In India Monsoon is lifeline. It brings respite from scorching heat, lush green surroundings, promises agriculture produce and salvages from water scarcity. It is a ray of hope for all, agricultural rural india, which constitutes more than seventy percent of population and administrative urban India, which survives on rural India's performance.

The most romantic music of India, the reflection of blissful proximity sport (swings: Jhula) and carefree playful expression of childhood in water puddle is dedicated to monsoon (sawan). There are many other expressions of love and fun attributed to rainy season in India.

It won't surprise me if there is some logical explanation to worship of Shiv-Ling (representation of coitus) in Monsoon (Sawan) across the country. This represents historically the culmination of man-woman loving relationship. Traditionally, thus Monsoon  represents the time to plan for family progress when future is secured. Certainly, Monsoon promises secured future to millions.

Welcome MONSOON! But, please be soft and loving, not catastrophic. Let us romance, spread love and have fun.