Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baba Ramdev's statement on corruption

Baba Ramdev trying to create a parallel power structure decided to drift away from the earlier stand to support Anna. Are they serious about the issue. I think it is not matter of corruption... it is politicizing corruption. Why the need for second forum, why this struggle of main bada ki tu bada... why difference of opinion to prove might over right....why disrespecting peoples movement and attempt to hijack it for vested interest. Are we, common people fools to overlook this, or ignorant and naive to unread it, or our feelings of no significance and meaningless vulnerable to be toyed by these so called common person's messiah's.....So, we are heading for some more politicians to join the bandwagon of "all said and nothing done".......I have nothing against anyone but I detest the way we are treated-pure morons!
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Hail Blog!

“Do I have the privilege to think loud”, I thought silently. Most of the peoples right of expression and speech is challenged, overtly or covertly since childhood, not for that they have grown in some conservative setting but because the hierarchical society structure do not appreciate loudness. Writing is a way to vent out, but penning down and unable to share is like thinking loud in washroom with all taps noisily flowing to suppress hearing. Not all have the chance and pleasure to be published and read. Here is where blogging came to the rescue of this big chunk of populace giving them opportunity to uncap the lid for pent up feelings to flow. It exposed bloggers to wider perspective on issues, trivial and important. Responses and re-responses added spices, value adding in flavor of content. It is a big stress-buster with blogger moving high-headed with sense of being heard and feeling of achievement. It is a communicative mode which is easy, cheap, fast, non-hierarchical, bereft of social discrimination, encouraging creativity, innovativeness and appreciating one’s initiative (with freedom to choose subject to write on). Now, one has the prerogative to think loud or silently. A revolution for social change is on anvil and blog can serve in mobilizing for it to fructify. What change? may be the big question. The change is the desire to be heard, to express which would ultimately lead to less tolerance to shabby treatment we are accustomed to. Blogging will pave way for the revolution to take shape, become reality, making the delivering agents responsible and accountable. Hail Bloggers and Blogging space.